When someone talks to me about cooking, the expression of my face changes, my eyes shine: we are entering in a world that absorbs 100% of my human being.

Going to a supermarket and seeing the variety of stands, colours and smells wake up my spirit to look for the best prime raw material. When I travel I like to discover new products and learn how natives use them in their cookings to after invent something new with them.

My passion for cooking is reflected in the way I approach a raw material: I study it, I read about it, I investigate it and I listen to my colleagues to take advantage of their knowledge. Because it is from professionals from whom we have to learn to be able to acquire some techniques very refined, some precise gestures that make our work really severe.

Creativity can reach its maximal expression with the knowledge of raw material that is based on basic techniques and on sensitivity. Because my way to perfection passes throw the quality research in quotidian perfectionism, throw trying to make perfect quotidian food, throw the seriousness of approaches and throw resolution of what we want to show.

I always try to surprise and stimulate my customers' palates making healthy, tasty and light platefuls. However I never make platefuls with eccentricities and I always respect savours, textures and forms of ingredients balancing mixes with savour coherence, and avoiding innovations without sense.

To wake up senses we have to look for excellent raw material, giving them their own protagonism, without killing their flavour with the addition of new products which don't marry either harmonize and in addition hide the flavour of the principal product.

Catering is always evolving crosswise new technologies and we have to learn how to use them to be able to make profit of their utilisation. We have to avoid to follow the fashion and for a few years I give cooking classes and cake classes in some schools and I make demostrations for big brands and giving classes for directives of companies.

It is true that I like teaching, transmit my knowledge and train young colleagues and teams because my profession is fun for me and I am in love with it, the same that constant work and dedication to my real profession: cooking and making cakes.

Thierry Le Baut

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